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2 személynek
2 Bedrooms
1 fürdőszoba
40 m2
574 855 Ft / havi
beleértve a szolgáltatás-díjakat és az internetet

Bérelhető lakások - Lisszabon

Recently renovated cozy 2 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of an historical building, without an elevator, in one of the most exciting suburbs of Lisbon. Flooded with the charateristic natural light of Lisbon, from the kitchen and living room you may enjoy a breath taking view of the Tejo, 25 de Abril bridge and Cristo Rei. Close to many historical marks of the city such as Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Torre de Belém, Basilica da Estrela and many others as well as museums, restaurants, clubs and other local amenities. A few minutes away from the historical Lisbon city center. Very well situated in terms of transport  - bus stops and taxi station in the main road just outside the apartment. A few meters from the apartment are the main train stations Alcântara Mar – going from Cais do Sodré in Lisbon to Cascais and Alcântara Terra – going from Alcântara to Gare do Oriente where you can take the fast trains (Alfa and Intercidades) to the north or south of Portugal.

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Internet speed for your remote work or entertainment


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Basic furniture
Kinyitható kanapé
Clothes closet
For the most convenient stay
Serpenyők, edények
Clothes drying rack
Electronic devices
Mobile air conditioning
Apple TV
Ruhaszárító gép
Mikrohullámú sütő
Water boiler
Slow cooker
Elektromos főzőlap
Gáz főzőlap
Wine cooler
Ice maker
Other gaming console
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Robotic lawn mover
Lawn mover
Building matters
Heating (Electronic)
Something for the kids
Baby crib
Bed for children
High chair
Electronic babysitter
Breath monitor
Toilet seat
Baby bath
Changing table
Playground (outdoor)
Security features
Security lock
Security enter door
Smoke detector
CO detector
Standard door lock
Subscriptions (included in price)
Kábel televízió
Amazon Prime
Apple TV+
YouTube TV
Something little bit extra
Swimming pool
Hot tub
Akadálymentes hozzáférés
Handrail (Grab bar)
Shower seat
Shower chair
Stair lift
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5 m2
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Bedroom 2
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14 days
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180 days
Szabad ettől a dátumtól
Dohányzás tilos
Nem állatbarát
Parties not allowed
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Közvetlen (14- nap)
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Tenant photo
it's a super cosy place with an amazing view. Well communicated with the city center, Ajuda or Belem. Nice kitchen with a brand new equipment. Super spacious bathroom. Apartment was clean an perfectly prepared. Contact both with Jose and his lovely wife Manuela was more than easy.
Értékelve ezen a napon: 03.12.2021
Tartózkodási idő: 15 days
Tenant photo
It was a great place to stay at before finding something more permanent. It is extremely well located (2-5 minutes walk to different bus stations that connect you with downtown). Comboios (train) stations less than 10-min walk, supermarkets opened until late super close. Sunny throughout the entire day, great view, well equipped (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry), extra clean and pretty and very cozy. Maybe a bit cold but there was a heater that worked pretty well. The garbage truck was a bit noisy at nights but that’d be similar around Lisbon. Manuela and Jose are very responsive and helpful. Lx Factory is close enough to walk, have dinner and walk back. Highly recommended!!
Értékelve ezen a napon: 06.02.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 1 hónap
Beautiful river views, and a fully equipped modern kitchen. The bathroom was large and modern with enough room to turn around and bend down in the shower. Besides being adjacent to a busy street, the location is good. You are within walking distance (3-5 minutes) to the Antiga Museum, Le Chat restaurant, and the April 25th park. 300 meters from Bloom restaurant (excellent brunch), and 250 meters from a pastry and coffee shop. Delicious pizza restaurant on the same street (2-3 minute walk). Small grocery /mini-stores are meters away. The bus stop is nearby. The location is walkable to the LX Factory, Millineum bank, Novo bank, Fado, Sushi, Greek, Nepalese, and local Portuguese restaurants. Stop #13 or #14 Yellow bus Hop-on, Hop-off Belem tour is located at Docas docks 10 minutes away as well as the Hippo tour. After eating at the many restaurants on the main street, walk, jog, or bike to burn calories on the designated waterfront path which is 5 minutes away. Walk to the Belem Tower or the Praça do Comércio. Whatever direction is chosen, you will end your days
with views of the April 25th Bridge and Cristo Rei (Christ statue) across the Tagus river.
Értékelve ezen a napon: 16.10.2021
Tartózkodási idő: 2 hónap
Tenant photo
The apartment is really nice - a modern and fully equipped kitchen and bathroom combined with the historical roots of the house and the district itself. The view is great, many grocery stores and restaurants are around and there is a Copenhagen Coffee lab that you can use for working and another coworking not far. The location is A class - just 10 min by walk from the super central districts and 4 min from the embankment (I had my morning runs there). Super close to the Alcantara Mar train station where you can take a train to Cascais. The bus station is 2 min away too.

Manuela and her family replay in 10 min and are super supportive with everything 🥰.

I would recommend this apartment to solo travelers and digital nomads - so you won't regret it!
Értékelve ezen a napon: 03.01.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 1 hónap
Great communication with the landlord.
Apartment is very well equipt, good location, amazing view from the flat.
Would recommend either for short or long stay.
Értékelve ezen a napon: 13.03.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 1 hónap
Tenant photo
My wife and I had a great time staying at Casa do Zé. Everything was as described or better - we especially loved the view and central location, which made exploring beautiful Lisbon very easy.
Értékelve ezen a napon: 21.04.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 1 hónap
Flat is very cozy and well equipped. The building is overall clean and the landlord is polite and responsive. Cleaning of the flat was not included nor they were able to provide any kind of paid-for help with it.
Értékelve ezen a napon: 09.07.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 15 days
Tenant photo
I had such a wonderful stay at Casa do Zé, the location is perfect - it is quiet street but still super close to center. It is also close to water so amazing for morning power walks. The landlord was super helpful and communicative if I needed something. I definitely recommend everyone to book this place and I hope to come back at some point!

Thank you again, I had wonderful stay

Értékelve ezen a napon: 22.07.2022
Tartózkodási idő: 23 days
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José P. 4,9
Flatio-nál Október óta 2020
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Like to know different cultures, photography as a hobby. Passion for Lisbon.
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